Different Kids.

Children mannequins girls/boys realistic collection Different Kids

Hans Boodt has specifically chosen to create a realistic children mannequins girls/boys collection which will not only attract the attention of parents but which will appeal to kids as well.
The Different Kids by Hans Boodt is an outspoken, headstrong, straight and no-nonsense collection, but it definitely has great flexibility. This flexibility is reflected, among others, by the possibility of combining this group with previously released realistic children mannequins girls/boys into a large group or by using this collection in small groups of three or four.
And besides all this the combinations of these children with adult display mannequins is a sure hit! The shy girl, the teenager who does not really want to join the rest of the group in a photo session and the cool boy, who feels that because he is the eldest, he is responsible for his peers; all of them are represented. By altering the wigs, the style of these realistic children mannequins girls/boys can be easily changed.

The standard stock Different Kids children mannequins girls/boys realistic collection is available in skin color with make-up, including a glass footplate and touch-up kit, excluded wigs.