Casual Vintage Torso.

Mannequins torso female/male collection Casual Vintage Torso

The mannequins torso female/male collection Casual Vintage took form as a logic result from the regular Casual collections existing in a realistic, abstract and a (partly) fabric version. These mannequins torso female/male come along with the best parts of our newest developments. The torsos are made of the usual glassfibre, but covered in Vintage fabric without doing any unjustice to the pose of the body. The head is detachable so they can be used headless with a matte black cap to close the neck part. The arms are like you are used to; glassfibre in the standard color matte black. The hands however, completely in style with the rest of the Vintage torso, are made of wood with moveable fingers.
The base (with 48 cm pole) fits the arms color and is matte black.
Female & Male are each available in 3 poses. An authentic mannequins torso with a contemporary feel!