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Muse collection
Abstract mannequins by Hans Boodt Mannequins

 Hans Boodt Mannequins is the number one supplier and manufacturer of mannequins. Our abstract mannequins are mysterious, elegant and refined. In contrast to our realistic mannequins, the abstract mannequins leave a lot to the imagination. Mysterious, charming and graceful, view our abstract mannequins!

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Abstract male and female mannequins
Abstract Male Mannequins

Meet Blend abstract, Paris abstract and the gentlemen from our Tailored and Blend Facet collections. Abstract male mannequins created with charm, elegance and unique features. Our Tailored collection is born from a desire for perfection in the tailoring industry. Perfectly created gentlemen who truly bring out a suit in the way that it is meant to look. The futuristic models from the Blend Facet collection have a green finish and feature copper/chrome details; a whole new dimension which distinguishes itself from the masses. City chic and city roughness combined into an urban look. At Hans Boodt Mannequins no combination is to crazy and no idea is unthinkable. Everything is possible on request!

Abstract male and female mannequins
Abstract Female Mannequins

Elegant and graceful with a touch of attitude. Our abstract female mannequins are real power women, made to shine and made to give your collection that unique Hans Boodt Mannequins-touch. The abstract mannequins in the Muse collection are sweet, soft, soapy with a focus on symmetry. Pose them side to side or back to back and they will be in pure harmony, completely mirrored. The Zoë mannequins feature a unique look as well. They are petite and serene, with enigmatic, long eyelashes.

Abstract sport mannequins

Dynamic characters designed to move. Hans Boodt Mannequins presents the Sports Collection; 40+ abstract mannequins in various types of sports. Soccer, tennis, yoga, outdoor, training and more.

Sport collection
Abstract sport mannequins

The sports collection is entirely designed in-house and developed in our 3D Studio. Attention for the smallest details is part of our process. The postures, muscles, implementation of the sport… Everything is correct and works.

In addition to the abstract sports mannequins, Hans Boodt Mannequins has also launched a sports accessories line. In this collection you will find torsos and legs, ideal to focus (in combination with the Sports collection) on outer clothing or on underwear.

You haven’t found the sports pose that you were looking for? Don't worry. Our 3D Studio can do everything for you. Please feel free to contact us to explore the possibilities.