by Hans Boodt Mannequins
Children mannequins by Hans Boodt Mannequins

Hans Boodt Mannequins designs, develops and produces dressing models, mannequins and display figures. As a supplier of abstract and realistic female, male but also children mannequins, we supply high-end boutiques and department stores as well as fashion chains and individual retailers. The children mannequins by Hans Boodt Mannequins come in various types.

Abbey road children mannequins


Walk, jump, run, fall and get back up again…

Our Abbey Road Kids mannequins never sit still, just like their counterparts in real life. They go to school, they like to dance and to play on the playground and they are excited, happy and a bit dauntless, every day of the week. With a nod to the eponymous album by The Beatles, these mannequins for presenting children's clothing are designed with passion and attention to detail.

At Hans Boodt Mannequins we decided that it was time that children display more movement in shop windows. The Abbey Road Kids mannequin collection offers mannequins in various ages between 4 and 12 years old. The collection contains both straight postures and more active, moving children mannequins, found both in abstract and in realistic form.

Wigs for children mannequins
Wigs for children mannequins

In order give the children mannequins even more character, we offer matching child wigs for both boys and girls. Blond, brown, red or black, short or long, loose or in a tail... You name it. Just like the children mannequins, the wigs have been perfected down to the smallest detail. The best way to have Abbey Road children mannequins come into their own is to place them together in a group.

Wigs for children mannequins
Dijckman & Dijckman Children mannequins

The authentic Dijckman & Dijckman collection also consists of a number of children mannequins and torsos. The mannequins have a vintage look through their fabric-covered torsos. A detachable head, neck cap, arms and shoulder caps are included.

Innovative, creative, Dutch,
rebellious and young...
Hans Boodt Mannequins