Blend Facet


The Blend mannequins collection is all about a self-assured attitude combining city chic and city roughness in an urban outlook, wrapped in a style oozing high society – blending together the best of both inner-city worlds.

Think about the mannequins Blend collection and then think a step beyond. That’s Blend facet: futuristic models making you want to look again and again. With the same cool and collective attitude as the Blend mannequins, the Blend Facet collection adds a futuristic ambiance by facing the world with daring copper chrome facet heads and colorful green bodies. Automatically adding a whole new dimension to standing out in the crowd.

This collection has an optional choice of heads: facet abstract heads or facet semi-abstract heads with facial features.

Shown in a green finish with a copper chrome head, but as always, the possibilities are endless and any head, color or finish is possible on request. Copper chrome details can be found on the base and calf pin. Blend Facet mannequins female/male will be accompanied by a square glass base, the Hans Boodt Flexfit® program, assembly instructions, gloves and a touch-up kit.

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