The Invisibles display mannequins female/male collection is developed for the ultimate product presentation. The collection is very usable for webshop photography, but is even more suitable to create an unique presentation in your store. When putting clothes on the positions, the Invisibles will literally seem invisible. This ensures the focus is entirely on the product.

We’ve developed several display mannequins shapes such as different mannequins torso’s and display legs for both female and male or bra-, shorts- and skirt shapes. In this way the collection can be used for almost all types of clothes.

The Invisibles display mannequins include a matt black base with 107 cm pole, but more pole sizes are available on request. To make sure clothing fits proper on the product, there is a foam edge inside this collection to pin your clothes.

Standard available in matt black, the Invisibles display mannequins can be ordered in any color or material upon request.