Why not construct female/male mannequins with different finishes and use distinctive parts of different collections and make consolidated abstract mannequins that immediately stand out?
At Hans Boodt Mannequins we do just that. A fiberglass torso covered with fabric, wooden arms and hands that are moveable, legs covered with paper-mâché and a detachable abstract head made of metal wire. Now this mannequins female/male look elegant, smooth, edgy and conservative at the same time. We think there is not one single fashion taste which would not look good on Jonas & Liv. Chameleon all the way.

These abstract mannequin female and male can be ordered in standard set-up; metal wired black head, jeans fabric body, ink-washed wood arms, and paper-mâché legs with a gloss finish, including a round glass footplate and a touch-up kit. Other combinations can be ordered on request.

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