Picture the Milanese fashion scene, and you picture these Leila abstract mannequins female.

Milan is leading in industrial and modern design. The ambiance of this striking city influenced greatness such as Armani, Dolce & Gabbana, Piero Manzoni, the Pirelli Tower, Torre Velasca and Versace. And it also inspired the birth of Leila. Slightly strange and futuristic on one hand and incredibly charming and alluring on the other. The awkward posing makes these abstract female mannequins the perfect model for high-end fashion.

Leila mixes a stylish reminiscence of the 1960’s, when Diana Vreeland ruled the fashion world, with an avant-garde promise of the 2030’s. This extraordinairy combination makes these abstract female mannequins timeless models which effortlessly shift between vogue and visionary.

Standard stock is high gloss white but available in other colors upon request. This abstract mannequins line exists of female positions only and includes a high gloss white square metal base and a touch-up kit.

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