Paris Black Copper


This classy combination of Copper Chrome and Black MP finish turn these abstract mannequins into an eloquent, nearly finished piece of art. Looking at it from a distance, these female/male mannequins are ‘simply’ two-toned. But move a little closer and discover the artful finish. It looks as if a jar of rubbery substance has been poured all over the Copper Chrome mannequin, making it literally drip with creative fluids. In fact, the matt black rubberlike substance still drips down the arms. This treatment gives these abstract female/male mannequins an eccentric, yet extremely high-end look: the look of an unfinished artwork that simply needs your fashion to turn it into a completed masterpiece.
This mannequins female/male abstract collection Paris Black Copper includes a specially designed base and touch-up kit.Related collections:Blend Facet     Paris White Copper