Paris Paper Maché


The Paper-Maché mannequins female/male in the Paris Collection represent the classical beauty of the Parisian: natural, timeless and always with allure. The Parisian is inspired by architecture, artists and stylish haute couture.

She loves a high standard, she chooses selectively, but doesn’t need to be the center of attention. Modest, straightforward and somewhat reserved is how she moves. But it’s exactly that attitude that makes her stick out above the mass. And exactly that attitude is reflected in the refined paper-mâché mannequins with high gloss finish.
The same is true for these male mannequins. The Parisian man is vain, self-aware, businesswise but with a huge sense of contemporary style. He walks around in museums and drinks espresso at the new hip coffee shop around the corner. He’s a man from the mundane life, but with self-picked flowers in his hand.
Nice of simplicity; that is the delicate paper-mâché line with high gloss finish from the Paris collection. Something new and something different. Inspired by the Parisian atmosphere on the streets, in the pubs and of course its historic fashion world… These female and male are a unique addition to the popular Paris collection, also consisting of Realistic, Abstract and Transparent.

These mannequins female/male are available in paper-maché, including a round glass footplate and a touch-up kit.

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