Paris White Copper


Get that luxurious look with these female/male mannequins and their sophisticated combination of Copper Chrome and Matt White that is sharply edged at shoulder height. Carefully bathed in Matt White paint and dipped upside down in a pool of Copper Chrome shimmer, these lavish abstract mannequins turn every head.But why not let your imagination run even wilder by designing even more daring combinations? A Soft Pink Matt female mannequin with elegantly Pink Chrome hands… a High Gloss Yellow male mannequin with a robust half Silver Chrome face. Anything is possible and the result is always stunning. These mixtures of refined finishes form an excellent partnership with the Paris collection. The serene, stylish poses of the Paris collection mannequins add to the huge effect of these combined materials.
The mannequins female/male abstract collection Paris White Copper includes a specially designed base and a touch-up kit.Related collections:Paris Abstract     Paris Black Copper