The realistic mannequins female/male collection Paris Nude stands for classic beauty, natural, fashion city allure, timeless & modern.
The mannequins female represent the females that are inspired by architecture, artists, elegance & stylish haute couture. They have a high standard of living and are very selective choosers, but they never need to be the centre of attention. Being humble, uncomplicated and slightly reserved is how they move around. And this attitude is exactly what makes them stand out. Stylish ladies are what we like to call them.

The mannequins male represent the males that are vain, self-assured and business-like, but with a huge sense of contemporary style. Strolling around museums to absorb the art, visit auctions to buy antiques, attend fashion shows to stay up to date with the latest trends and go the latest lunch venue to drink an espresso with baristas and read the latest issue of Paradis. An Worldly man carrying a huge bunch of wild flowers he handpicked himself.

This realistic mannequins female/male collection is inspired by the Parisian atmosphere that can be found in the streets, cafés & fashion scene and its history.

This collection includes a round glass footplate and a touch-up kit, but wigs have to be ordered separately. Available as realistic nude; the mannequins female/male are sprayed completely in 1 colour whilst retaining their realistic facial features. This gives them a cultivated and polished appearance.

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