Paul&Dorothy Facet


This is a special edition of the Paul & Dorothy collection. Just like the other Paul & Dorothy mannequins, these abstract male and female mannequins are petite, masculine and feminine and above all, so very charming and gracious. All with a special touch because of the added facet finish.

With their long legs and elegant poses, a little quirkiness and a lot of charm, this collection gives high-end fashion that cool, artistic and graphic London vibe  but always elegant and sophisticated.

Although revealed in a high gloss white facet finish, these male/female mannequins can be realized in any color or material on request.

Each of these Paul & Dorothy Facet abstract mannequins is accompanied by a square facet base and comes with the Hans Boodt Flexfit® program, assembly instructions, gloves and a touch-up kit.

To present the garments on these abstract male and female mannequins perfectly, we do ask that you take careful note of the models dimensions.

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