Elegance and poise.

One of the signature mannequins collections of our Premium label, the Studio collection, presents your designs the way you want them to be seen: perfectly. With soft shoulders, fine lines and a range of beautiful features.

Featuring perfect style and grace, the Studio mannequins are confident yet sophisticated, gentle but strong. Both males and females are focused on high fashion and together they create a perfect balance next to each other.

Sex: Female
Head: Semi-realistic head (with facial features)
Standard finish: High gloss white
Customization: Can be ordered in any color or material

What’s included with these Studio abstract female/male mannequins:
– Square glass base
– Mannequin instructions
– Gloves
– Touch-up kit
– Flexfit© program

Studio abstract mannequins female and male are available in high gloss white with semi-realistic head, but can be customized in any color or material on request. Choose your head, postion, color or material and create your own Studio mannequin.

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