Wonderwood Gents


Couture meets craftsmanship in the iconic world of Wonderwood. Through the mannequins torso male Wonderwood Gents collection, Hans Boodt focuses attention on the vital body on which the most fashionable attire manifests: the torso.

A mannequins quality is only as high as the materials that comprise it. That’s why this mannequins torso male collection is fashioned with the finest black leather. A gold chrome tripod base and other gold chrome details are the finishing touch to this wonderful collection.

The curvaceous midsection is refreshed with a softened silhouette to ensure any garment truly embraces the mannequins torso form. Shaped with Hans Boodt’s gentlest curves yet, the partial figures successfully convey the apparel of high-end fashion and haute couture designers with elegance and ease.

Each Wonderwood Gents mannequins torso male comes with gold chrome base, a matching black leather head, a gold chrome neck cap, gold chrome shoulder caps, and black wooden arms which are flexible and can be positioned in a range of postures.

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