Long lashed elegance.
The Zoë mannequins have a doll-like charm, a girl with a unique look who would feel quite at home in a Paris cabaret. Petite and serene, these female Zoë mannequins hide a lot of attitude and power behind their enigmatic, long eyelashes. Strong but vulnerable, they have a graphical symmetry that’s absolutely captivating.
OptionsSex: FemaleHeads: Abstract headStandard finish: Skin color
What’s included with these Zoë abstract female mannequins:- Eyelashes- Square glass base- Mannequin instructions- Gloves- Touch-up kit- Flexfit© program
Zoë abstract mannequins female are available in skin color with an abstract head, but can be customized in any color or material on request. Choose a head, position, color or material to create your own Zoë mannequin.