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Zoë collection

Realistic, abstract, sporty, vintage, modern or a combination? Hans Boodt Mannequins offers a diverse collection of female mannequins but also designs mannequins on request. Your unique female mannequin, designed in your own style. With a passion for dressing models and display figures we supply high quality mannequins. Take a look at our collection of female mannequins!

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Paris abstract collection


The female abstract mannequin by Hans Boodt Mannequins: mysterious but oh so charming. The ladies in the Paris collection for example feature a classic, stylish and natural beauty. Create a luxury appearance with the Paris White Copper and the Paris Black Copper collections. This female mannequin is equipped with copper chrome details and a matte white or black finish. A real eye-catcher! The mannequins in the Paris Transparent and the Paris Paint collections are made to shine.

Paris abstract
Movement collection

Looking for a sporty female mannequin? Then the ladies from the Sport and the Movement collections will be perfect for you! Real power women, made to move and available in numerous positions and postures.

For a relaxed look, you can choose from our Casual Friday collection. A female mannequin available in a variety of relaxing postures, ready for the weekend after a busy week at work.

Would you rather have an elegant female mannequin? The word feminine gets a new meaning thanks to the ladies of the Muse and the Zoë collections. Charming, unique and enticing.

Fantasy collection

What do you think of Miss Róisín? A breathtaking female mannequin, made to shine in lingerie.

But if you really want to be astonished, we recommend you take a look at the Fantasy collection. As the name suggests, these ladies are anything but ordinary. A female mannequin with an angelic look.

Custom made female mannequins

Hans Boodt Mannequins is supplier and manufacturer of mannequins for both large retail chains and the individual retailer. We have a passion for mannequins and attach great importance to creating a female mannequin that is fully in line with your brand. That is why each female mannequin can be assembled entirely to fit your needs. Design your own unique dressing model.

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