Become a partner.

Hans Boodt is currently accepting inquiries for partners in most countries. We offer our future partners all possible means to represent us. You will get access to our extensive knowledge, collections, advertisements, catalogs,  photo collection, VM support and login into our order system. This will enable you to place orders while visiting the customer.

All inquiries made for your market at our website will be redirected to you. You can print or download all our advertisement resources as and  join us on all major fashion fairs.

You’ll always receive updates on our newest collections and the development on the latest items.

Also you will be made part of our international sales and advertisement and advertisement strategy.

By means of these benefits we want to build a partnership that will benefit our mutual business. We could even make a special product for your own specific market.

If you are interested in all of the above mentioned advantages please contact us. 


1. Partner must be in a desirable location with sufficient space to properly   market HBM products and services.

2. Partner / owner must have a strong position.

3. Partner must  have a share of the market and/or the possibility to be able to sell the yearly required number of mannequins in the local area.

4. Partner must have a great reputation for customer service in the local area.

5. Partner must a full-time dedicated person with sufficient experience.

6. Dealers must have a minimum space of m² available for HBM.



- Sales are only allowed from  facility and location listed in Dealer Agreement.

- Must have equipment necessary to communicate with HBM HQ.

- Maintain equipment necessary to service customers.

- Maintain sufficient personnel and financial capability.

- Attend required annual Partner Meeting.

- Provide monthly sales and inventory reports along with an annual business plan.