Custom Made Mannequins

Hans Boodt Mannequins is tailor made.

Whether we are dealing with designs for our own collections or with a custom made mannequin for a client who has a clear idea of what he wants, the process of designing customized mannequins is something Hans Boodt Mannequins as a mannequin manufacturer executes with lots of passion. Paramount is superior quality, production, finishing and delivery.

Creating characters is what we do best.






Driven by craftmanship, powered by innovation. 3D printing has revolutionized the way we work at Hans Boodt. At your request, our expert artists create mannequins with an unprecedented level of quality in a matter of days using 3D software and advanced modelling techniques.

Watch as your feedback is incorporated in real time and our custom-developed 3D printers build your creation from the ground up.






If you want to know more about our custom made mannequin program, do not hesitate to contact us!