Innovative Mannequins.

Hans Boodt’s mannequins are always subject to innovation. Innovation can occur in many areas.

As a mannequin manufacturer we are always looking for more environmentally friendly production methods. Hans Boodt is committed to produce mannequins as sustainable as possible. Recycling is a part of this, the same as the constant search for new raw materials is also a part of this.

A mannequin distinguishes itself by shape, posture and finishing touch.
This is where Hans Boodt distinguishes itself and will keep on doing so in the future. To ensure this, the development department is constantly working to innovate and find new materials, cosmetics and paints.

Trends are closely monitored, so our mannequins will be stylish all the time every time. The research and development department at Hans Boodt goes broad to discover trends and find inspiration for new display mannequins. A mannequin is much more than a realistic reflection of mankind.

What few people realize is that there is a lot of technique in creating a display mannequin. Hans Boodt is always working to increase the usability. For example, making it easier to dress and undress them.

Through all these innovations Hans Boodt is able to create such high quality mannequins. These innovations are the reason why many customers choose for Hans Boodt when they want a custom made, trendy and innovative display mannequin.