Second Life for mannequins.

Recycling mannequins

Hans Boodt’s mannequins seem timeless; however they too are subject to trends. This means that these “employees”, even though they are cheap, will one day be fired. Hans Boodt believes that everyone deserves a second chance; this is also true for mannequins.

The 2nd Life program is based on the 3R's: Reduce, Re-use and Recycle all these are discussed here.

When a new mannequin is delivered to the client the old mannequin can be send back in the box of the new one at no extra cost. Hans Boodt is committed to the environment. So aside from trying to reduce the CO2 emissions we recall old mannequins in order to recycle them.

Old mannequins can be re-used also called Re-use. Re-use is getting a second life; the 2nd-life Program. First Hans Boodt searches for a new "home" for an old mannequin. If no new home can be found the mannequin will be recycled.

Recycling is the last of the 3R's. In the recycling process we look at how a mannequin can be treated. Because we do not always receive back our own mannequins it’s difficult to determine how best to proceed; although there are some guidelines that we keep in mind.

The thermoplastic materials such as polyethylene are easy to recycle as raw material; which makes it easy to recycle as raw material. To a lesser extent, this is also the true case for thermo sets such as polyurethane and polyester.

However these materials can easily be processed in the regular waste disposal. Fiberglass mannequins can therefore be regarded as other wastes.

To this day, unfortunately, there is no product that has an eternal life. 2nd Life is how Hans Boodt tries to solve this problem. That’s why when a mannequin is replaced we ensure that the old one can be sent to us for free. The main thing is that we have the knowledge and contacts to process the old mannequins adequately.