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Mannequins female/male abstract collection Libra

Haute couture mannequins

Charming, sophisticated and refined are just a few of the keywords that describe the star sign Libra. Balance and harmony rule this sign. Our abstract Libra mannequins female/male collection is born for couture. With their perfect sizing, they ensure any garment looks amazing. The detachable magnetic legs and hanging, hydraulic base make these mannequins female/male very easy to work with.

Sex: Male & female
Heads: Abstract head & wired head
Standard finish: Skin color
Customization: Warm gray 9c gloss, but can be ordered in any color or material

What’s included with these Libra abstract female/male mannequins:
- Hydraulic gold base
- Mannequin instructions
- Gloves
- Touch-up kit
- Flexfit© program

Libra abstract mannequins are available in skin color, both female and male positions, but can be customized in any color or material on request. Or choose another position to create your own Libra.