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Creating characters
Realistic mannequins

The mannequins by Hans Boodt Mannequins are divided into realistic, abstract and semi-abstract mannequins. Whereas realistic mannequins display precise and clear facial features, these are omitted in abstract mannequins. Semi-abstract (or semi-realistic) mannequins are positioned in the middle on this spectrum.


Where previously the realistic mannequin had to make way for the abstract mannequin, this trend has now reversed, and realistic mannequins are slowly finding their way back into display windows.

Zoë collection


Hans Boodt Mannequins offers all kinds of realistic mannequins. The elegant Celebrate Life Realistic and Zoë collections, for example. Both collections consist of mannequins with a light skin color and subtle make-up. Petit and serene. With the realistic Zoë mannequins, a lot of attention has been devoted to creating symmetry in the postures.

Fantasy collection

Our unique Fantasy collection consists of realistic mannequins with an almost angelic appearance, by virtue of their porcelain skin color, almond-shaped eyes and long eyelashes. The joints of the mannequins are visible as with old-fashioned dolls.

Miss Róisín collection

Other realistic mannequins can be found in our Blend and Casual collections. These collections consist of a wide range of casual, young, self-assured postures for both women and men. The collections are widely deployable for different concepts and shops.

The Miss Roisin mannequins are specially designed for the presentation of lingerie and/or body wear.

For kids there is a realistic mannequin collection available: The Abbey Road Kids. Playful attitudes in the age of 4 to 12 years.

Miss Róisín
Semi-realistic mannequins
Creating characters: realisitc mannequins designed in 3D

Mannequins by Hans Boodt Mannequins can be as individual as real people. That is what the Creating Characters collection is all about: embracing one’s individuality. The collection is designed in our in-house 3D Design Studio. Attention for the smallest facial details was part of the process. These 8 unique characters are only examples of the possibilities we have available in our 3D Studio. The possibilities are endless.


Hans Boodt Mannequins personalizes, designs, develops and produces dressing models, mannequins and display figures.


The company is established internationally, with showrooms in Barcelona, Paris, London, Milan, Tokyo, Cape Town, São Paulo and other places. The head office can be found in the Netherlands, near Rotterdam.


Hans Boodt Mannequins distinguishes itself by delivering a high-quality product at a good price and with fast delivery. Every mannequin has its own character, which is reflected well in our realistic mannequins.


Thanks to our background in retail, visual merchandise and the generation of creative concepts, Hans Boodt Mannequins can offer a suitable mannequin for every brand. Realistic, abstract, male or female, kids, vintage ... There is a suitable mannequin for everyone.


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