• Mannequins female abstract Sprint
  • Mannequin male abstract Tennis Blend

Dynamic characters designed to move
Mannequin female abstract Movement

Mannequin male abstract Blend
Fashion Sports Tennis
In an ever evolving industry
of innovation you need to be
ahead of the game.

Fashion sports boxing
Sports has made its way
into our daily lives, fusing fashion
with fitness to the fullest.
Mannequin female abstract Boxing Blend

Mannequin male abstract Football Blend
Fashion Sports Football
The Fashion Sports collection removes
traditional boundaries by showing sports
with a fashionable staple.
They create a contemporary look
that shows a strong attitude
which is cool, relaxed and stylish.

Magazine Custom Design

Global Denim Awards 2017


Our mannequins got the royal handshake! The Dutch Royal couple, His Majesty King Willem-Alexander and Her Majesty Queen Máxima of The Netherlands, visited the Global Denim Awards Expostion at La Triennale di Milano.

Global Denim Awards 2017

Mannequins Euroshop 2017


It's a wrap!
Expect the unexpected...
And it was beyond expectation.
We had a blast and hope you did too!


Let mannequin maker Marco Ouwerkerk
take you into the world
of Hans Boodt Mannequins.

Hans Boodt Mannequins


Hans Boodt is the place to be for high quality mannequins, each with its own unique charisma.

For years now Hans Boodt has been the top supplier and manufacturer in the field of mannequins.
Mannequins produced by Hans Boodt are high quality products and every one of them has its own charisma.
Hans Boodt guarantees maximum quality and quick delivery for the best price.

By combining our 25 years of experience in visual merchandising, creativity and know-how
we are able to offer high quality mannequins. Every mannequin is produced according to
the customer’s wishes and market requirements. We serve both large retail chains and individual retailers.
We are able to supply everybody with a suitable mannequin.

Hans Boodt offers you state of the art techniques relating to mannequins with regard to posture,
technical aspects and finishing touches like make-up. Additionally Hans Boodt
is able to create your own personal mannequin or to renovate your old mannequins.


Hans Boodt Mannequins is tailor made.

Whether we are dealing with designs for our own collections or with a custom made
mannequin for a client who has a clear idea of what he wants, the process
of designing customized mannequins is something Hans Boodt Mannequins as a mannequin
manufacturer executes with lots of passion. Paramount is superior quality, production, finishing and delivery.

Creating characters is what we do best.

Usually it took about two months to create a prototype, which is a lifetime in retail.
But this process has radically changed. With literally one push on the button
we are able to change a  mannequin on the spot into custom made for you. As a very advanced
mannequin manufacturer the latest 3D-printers and technologies are our daily tools
to make the impossible come true. Our lab can speed up things as customers require, whether it is a specific
personalized fabric, color or a never seen before position; as a mannequin manufacturer with many years
of experience we know what it needs to tell a proper story.

Custom made mannequin