Celebrate Life


With swan-like necks and shoulders proudly thrown back, the Celebrate Life abstract female/male mannequins stand tall with sky-high legs, rising above the fray and any other obstacles in their way. Petite upper bodies, elegant arms and elongated fingers bring all the poses of these mannequins to perfection, revealing their deepest emotions. With either defined details or purely outlined forms, the facial expressions complete each figure’s silhouette. Polished and flawless, the collection’s blanched exterior thrives in the limelight.

Best dressed in a high gloss white finish, the abstract mannequins of the Celebrate Life collection may be realized in any color or material, completed with either an abstract or realistic visage to adapt to any environment.

Accompanied by a square glass base, each female/male mannequin comes equipped with Hans Boodt Mannequins Flexfit® program, assembly instructions, gloves and a touch-up kit.

The female mannequins come in a shapely size EU 36 while the male mannequins can be size EU 48/EU 50.

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