Ladies and gentlemen, it’s a WRAP!
Expect the unexpected is what we told you, and it was beyond expectation.
We hope we have been a good host to all our visitors. We might have missed a few handshakes or coffees, but we love you all for dropping by.

Thank you for making Euroshop 2017 very special!


“The look and feel of this year’s Euroshop stand is inspired by the different materials used around the globe which are translated in amazingly different ways. This is also reflected in the textures, lines and characters of the customized mannequins we produce,” says Marco Ouwerkerk, CEO and owner of Hans Boodt Mannequins.

Hans Boodt Mannequins focuses on current trends. Not only in fashion and architecture, but also interior design, movies and the media. They invite you into a world where soft and rich materials such as velvet and brass give a surprising twist to the contrasting hard and cold textures like glass and marble.