Casual Friday


The weekend is here! Our abstract mannequins female/male Casual Collection needed a weekend edition, so we added poses that give you an indication that it is time for chillaxing. These are the last 2 hours at work before taking off. Ready to rumble after a full & busy working week. These males & females know exactly when it’s time to turn off their diligent work-ethics and slide into the weekend to let their hair down, Fridaying it Up, move those Friday Feet, put on their Friday Finest and Spent the weekend at Bernie’s.

Casual sitting posing on office chairs to present your products in an edgy way. Experimental with heights…. BOOM ! There is your store’s marvel !!

This new and astonishing abstract mannequins female/male collection is only available per prepack set of 3 display mannequins including the chairs. A set of 3 will give you building opportunities in numerous heights to play with on your weekend. Every additional pose (+ chair) can be added to the pack of 3.

The mannequins female/male abstract collection Casual Friday is on stock in special MP matt grey including the chair in matching color, but any other color is available on order.

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