This mannequin collection is designed for lingerie or bodywear presentation and has a mesmerizing effect on its audience. The attraction is formed by the extra effort we have put in each and every detail of her body’s muscular design. The form of upper chest is adjusted, so each bra or tight top will fit naturally. Their flow will follow the lace & satin that is put on.The Miss Róisín collection is available in skin color with make-up, including a glass footplate and touch-up kit, excluded Wigs.


The Bodywear forms are specially designed for lingerie and/or bodywear presentations.
The poses of these lingerie mannequins were carefully chosen for and within the extraordinary frontiers of the Hans Boodt display appeal.
The collection offers a range of female tops, ¾ torso’s and bottoms. Tops and torsos are both available in EU cup size 75B, 75B with push-up and 75D. The torsos also offer a form that is perfectly suitable to show off your maternity wear. The bottoms are available in a long and short version.
This lingerie collection is standard in matt white but available in any other color or other material on request.


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